jillskids2Welcome! I started writing short devotions for my teenagers back in 2015. They are all in college and beyond now but the reason I still write Nudges is the same: I want to give them encouragement but also reminders of Who they serve, Who’s they are and that their identity is in Christ Jesus. As I would send these to my 3 kids, I had mentioned them to a few friends. These friends wanted to read them as well. As I wrote more, I wanted to share them with more people but didn’t want to call them devotionals simply because a lot of them are not meaty enough to be considered a devotional. My hope is that they are thought provoking and would lead the reader into deeper study of the Word of God. I started to call them “Nudges.” These are just to nudge you into thought. Maybe today’s nudge will bring something back into focus for you. Maybe tomorrow’s nudge will remind you of a time in your past or help you think outside the box about a situation you are facing. My prayer is that these ‘nudges’ will encourage you on your walk with God.