Family pictures

img_5420This picture is an embarrassment to me.  I am not proud of this moment.  But this is my life.  That look on my face is awful and ugly but also funny I guess because most of us have been there.  I had planned a family reunion in the summer of 2016.  We  had 60 people from all over the country come for a weekend and it was more fun than I can describe.  We had hired a photographer to take group and family pictures and also candid shots of our weekend.  It was our turn for our family picture and we got all ready and groomed.  We did teeth checks and nose checks and got all ready for the picture then I got poked in the side.  I instantly thought it was my daughter because of how we were sitting and where her arm was behind me.  So, I of course poked her back in all of my maturity.  She was shocked because it was not her it was smarty pants Trenton who was just smiling away loving this moment.  Poor Keaton just had no clue what was going on and Brian was mad because he just wanted to get this over with and I was jumping squealing and poking Sidney.  He was going to fix the situation but had no idea what had happened either….so now it’s stuck in time.


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