Nudge 10

Psalm 121 verses 4-5 says: “Indeed, He who watches over you will not sleep.  Indeed, He who watches over Israel never tires and never sleeps.  The Lord himself watches over you!  The Lord stands beside you as your protective shade.”

So, every day we are busy.  We all lead crazy lives with appointments and clubs and dinners and friends.  All these great things that we tend to pack into our lives. School things, work things, church things all fight for our agenda.  How many times I have thought, “if I only had two of me I could get more done?”  Or, we are, as I like to call it, “dividing and conquering?” One parent goes to this game to see this child, I’ll go the work thing, and a grandparent or friend will be at that event to see that child do their thing…  We are torn each day to try to fit it all in and meet everyone’s expectations at the same time.  This is not to point out that our schedules are too packed and we have to get back to basics. That’s something we all have to face at some point. That’s another nudge for another time.  Americans are very busy people.

Well, how about our God?  Here is verse 5 it says He watches over us HIMSELF.  Friends, He is not outsourcing!  He is doing it all Himself!  He is not calling in the employees and saying, ok you two handle this continent and you two deal with that continent and I have some wars to sort out…   Now, I know, He can because He is God, after all.  But, He chooses watch over you!  He chooses to be present, to be with us.  He of all beings, could be saying, “Yes, I know you are having a crisis, Jill, but one of my people will assist you because I have bigger things to deal with right now.”

NO!  He is watching over me and you.  He is purposeful.  He is loving.  He is caring.  He is present.


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