Nudge 18

Mother’s Day is a nice holiday.  It really is.  It shines the light on all the hard work mothers do everyday.  Mothers nurture, love, sacrifice, encourage, discipline, lead, teach and pray for their children.  It’s the hardest job on the planet.

I love being a mom.  Honestly, though, I wish my mom were still here to encourage, love and hug me.  I really miss her hugs.

She absolutely LOVED being a Grandma.  The kids would be overwhelming me and I’d look at her and say, “Do you SEE this?  These children are crazy!  I was such a good child, how did I end up with crazy children?”   She’d just smile and say, “Yes, Jill, you were so perfect.”  The sarcasm was huge!

I wish she were here to see what her grandchildren were accomplishing.  I know she’s be so proud.

That’s what I hang on to this Mothers Day…knowing she’d be proud.

Thank you, Mom, for praying for my children.  Thank you for teaching me to pray.  Thank you for showing me what’s important.  Thanks for laughing with me.  Thanks for instilling in me a love for the Chicago Bulls.  Thanks for all those hugs.



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