Nudge 26

It IS your fault!
We live in a society where it’s everyone else’s fault. If I fail a class it’s because the professor was horrible. If I lose a job it’s because the boss was nasty. Even, “If I’m rude to you it’s because I had a bad day.”
NO!! You are responsible for YOU! Your response is your responsibility.
You have a choice each and everyday who you choose to follow – your own selfish desires or the one who died so you could live. Who’s on your throne? Who are you choosing to follow today?
When you do something wrong…own it! It’s tough, embarrassing, humbling…I get it. But, owning it frees you up to forgive yourself. It makes your relationships better and more open. It also makes you acutely aware to not sin in that way again. It grows you. That willingness to be vulnerable and admit your faults makes you so much easier to love.

We are all sinners saved by grace. We sin everyday. When you take responsibility for your sin instead of blaming others it stops that vicious cycle we can get stuck in of blame and shame. Own it and be free. Jesus Christ already won the battle!!
It’s your fault!
John 8:36, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”


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