Nudge 58

What ever happened the courtesy wave? When you stop in traffic for someone to pass and they just drive along….please people where’s the courtesy wave? What is so hard about raising a few fingers off the steering wheel to say, “thanks for yielding?” We have had an incredibly long season of construction in our neighborhood for the last six months. People are justifiably frustrated and tired. But we are all in the same boat. Let’s at least pretend we are all on the same team here. We can get through this mess and come out a more united neighborhood in the end. Okay, I might be pushing it here. When someone does something kind for you, no matter how small, please respond in kind. A thank you if someone holds the door for you is not too much to ask. My fear is that if people stop being thanked they might just stop showing kindness. Our world is hateful enough, friends, let’s do the simple kindness of thanking the people around us.
I know in the scheme of things in our world this is small, but just a smile can brighten someone’s day. Let’s not lose this. This might sound cliché but I believe we can affect the world around us. One person can make a difference. We are not too small and insignificant that our kindnesses don’t matter to someone on the receiving end.
So, I may or may not be the person that yells, “You Are Welcome,” when I yield and don’t get a courtesy wave. I’m speaking to myself here as well. I will try to exhibit grace even when my kindness goes unrecognized. I promise. But please please please be kind to one another. It’s not hard.

Ephesians 4:32, “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”


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