Nudge 68

One of the outreach ministries we have at church is assisting a women’s shelter. A need that we try to fill is to bring frozen pizzas to them each month. Our church collects them. No one knows who donates them, we are just to put them in the freezer at church and then someone collects them and delivers them to the women’s shelter. The church has been doing this for years and I honestly forget about it. Last month there were many announcements about this small way to help in the church bulletins. I want to do this. It is small. It doesn’t cost a lot but it meets a huge need especially when many give a little it makes a big impact. Every time I order through Clicklist at Kroger…. side note: this service seriously is the best thing since sliced bread!

I, for the past month, keep forgetting to order pizzas and then I get mad at myself for forgetting. Yesterday was Saturday and I placed my Clicklist order to be picked up early Sunday morning. I completely forget the frozen pizzas again. I picked up my order and went home. When I was getting the groceries out of the back of the van there was a bag with 5 frozen pizzas in it. I knew I didn’t order them. I checked my receipt and I had not been charged for them. I called Kroger and told them that I was given someone else’s pizzas although I want to keep them because I will donate them to our church. I told the gentleman that I wanted to pay for them. He said, “No, don’t worry about paying for them. It was our error.” I thanked him profusely, trying to keep the tears out of my voice.

God wanted those pizzas donated to that ministry if He had to do it Himself! And He did! It might seem little or coincidental, but I know it was a God thing. I had so much joy donating those pizzas today and you can bet that pizzas will forever be on my Clicklist order, on purpose, from now on!

In telling the story to Trenton as we were driving to church he said that he liked that kind and that we should keep one. I said, “Nope, those are God’s pizzas!”

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:9


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