Nudge 71

For centuries people have had interesting theories about sneezes.  Many believe that your heart stops when you sneeze so people would ask for God’s blessing on you for protection.  There are some superstitions regarding sneezing.  Some believe you sneeze when someone is talking behind your back.  So, asking for God to bless the sneezer in this case makes sense.  You are asking for a blessing for this person despite what others are saying behind their back.

I come from a long line of serious sneezers.  My mom would literally have sneezing fits in public where people would think she was dying.  I remember being at a Kmart and she started sneezing in the fabric/craft department.  She was leaning up against a pillar in the store because she couldn’t stop sneezing.  An employee came up and asked me and my sister if our mom was okay.  We said, yes, because it happened often it wasn’t surprising to us.  Mom was embarrassed but not near death.

We had a Kenmore washer and dryer set that were 17 years old.  They worked great for years.  After 17 years of doing our laundry beautifully, the washing machine would stop before the spin cycle.  We learned that you had to go by and open the lid and drop it and it would go right into the spin cycle.  It just needed a little “nudge” to finish the load.  The laundry room was located off the kitchen, and one night while we were eating dinner my dad sneezed and the washing machine jumped into the spin cycle.  It was hilarious and we love telling that story to this day…but if that is not a powerful sneeze, I don’t know what is.

When someone sneezes it’s an opportunity to bless them.  In our society where many of us have to be careful mentioning God, like saying happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas.  I know that it seems small but when someone sneezes we have the opportunity to say, “God Bless You.”  It’s not, “Bless you.”  It’s not me blessing you, rather its me asking God to Bless you.

God Bless You!


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