Nudge 72

I think I’m quite capable to get things done with the house and the cars or whatever.  I think Brian and I are a good team.  We have good give and take and between us we usually get everything that needs to get done, done.  However, when Brian goes out of town there are ALWAYS things that go crazy.  It’s like Murphy’s Law of Business Trips.  Everything was going swimmingly, Brian leaves town, and BAM! It all falls apart.  Every time!

Brian left on Monday morning to return on Saturday.  Monday, I get home from work and the toilet is clogged in master bath.  Gross.  Where in the world is the plunger?  (Can I just use another bathroom for the whole week?)  I was a big girl, found the plunger and solved the problem. Eww.


After dinner, I get a panicked text from Sidney that’s her phone is being redirected to our carrier to pay the bill.  ???!?!?!?!?!?!  First of all, I thought the bill was paid.  Secondly, why her phone and not Brian’s or mine?  She’s an hour and a half away and NEEDS her phone.  Mostly because I need to know I can contact her if I need to….so really I NEED her phone.  I contact customer service.  They don’t help me because I didn’t know the 6 – 10 digit code on our account. I ask, is there another security question I can answer.  No.  You were told to remember this code when you set up your account.  Well.  Thanks for not helping.  Okay!  Meanwhile, I’m texting in our family group text “who knows our code?  Help!”


No help from the fam.  I get off the phone with customer service not happy because I’m a customer and I didn’t get any service.  I got online and connected with them by chat and they fixed the issue so quickly I was shocked.  I will forever use the chat option in the future.


So, it was settled and I still have 5 days that Brian will be out of town.  I just think it’s amazing that these crazy things happen when he leaves.  It’s very possible I would have handled these situations if Brian was in town anyway but it’s weird the timing of it all.


I try to be a “handle as it comes” kinda girl but it is hard to keep your focus when it all seems to come at once.  When it rains it pours…but I truly believe God allows these things in our lives (as minor as they are) to teach us and mold us and prepare us for whatever might come in the future.  There is a learning opportunity in every little thing.  Be open to how God is teaching.  I have to go unplug the toilet now…


“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” I Thessalonians 5:18




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