Nudge 75

I got home work and was freezing cold all day.  I had to change and eat dinner with Trenton on the way to church to teach my Bible study.  Wednesdays are crazy like this and I actually love it because this group of women in my Bible study are awesome.  There ages range from 20s to 70s and they all bring so much to the group.  I actually know that I have learned more from them than they have from me.  But they keep showing up and each week we learn more together.  I was freezing so I put on a hoodie and leggings and headed for the door.

Trenton, who I think actually liked me longer into his teen years than his sister and brother did, looked at me and said, “Are you actually going to wear that?”  I was stunned and instantly self-conscious.  Well, I WAS going to wear this.  It’s comfortable and I’m already getting warm and cozier than I was 5 minutes ago.  He had a point.  I usually look more presentable going to teach Bible study than I did at this moment.  Did the women care what I looked like?  They were not a judgey group of ladies.  But, from a 17 year old boy to notice what his mother was wearing…it’s possible I looked atrocious and absolutely unacceptable.

I was literally at a standstill.  A cross roads in my entry way.  Do I go to Bible Study looking like I do all cozy and warm or do I change into something more acceptable to my 17 year old son?


When he saw my response he back stepped and said, “Oh, Mom, you look fine.  I didn’t mean it like that.”


I could do things at this moment.  Changing my clothes would send a message that I care what I look like at Bible study and that I made an effort even though I was freezing cold.  It would also be a point of reference to Trenton the next time I told him to go change his clothes because he was wearing was unacceptable.  Or, I could say forget it, no one will care and go off to church in warm comfort.  God wants me warm and comfy, right?


I’ll let you wonder what choice I made.  But the point is this:  I do not think we are to live by a ridged system of “you must wear this or eat this or do this”  that is legalism and as I’m learning in Galatians right now we are free from that when we place our trust in Jesus Christ as our Savior.  He freed us from the Law when he was crucified, buried and rose again as the sacrificial Lamb of God.  I do, however, believe that we should present ourselves well in this life.  We should put effort into our appearance simply because we represent God.  Sure, we will have bad hair days every once in a while, but we should do our best to present ourselves well everywhere we go.


I know that man looks on the outside appearance but God looks at the heart like it says in I Samuel 16:7. But, we also have to be aware that we represent God.  If I look like I don’t care and I’m trying to teach my Bible study, the women I’m studying with might think I don’t care.  I do care and I need to show it.


Trenton was right.  I didn’t look like I put in any effort that night.  He was right to call me out.


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