Nudge 82

Choose your words wisely.

I cannot stress this enough. Your words are so powerful. They can heal or they can wound. They can encourage or they can destroy. We have friends from church that we have known for years. I will call them John and Jane. I have said for years that I want to be Jane when I grow up. She is a strong woman. She is kind hearted. She is wise. She gives of her time and I have always admired her. So when John came into the bank the other day I was telling my co-workers that Jane is so great. As he was leaving I said, “I want to be his wife when I grow up.” I obviously should have said, “I want to be Jane when I grow up.” There was no way to get those words back down my throat. Every person in the bank knew what I meant but the words I used didn’t convey that. John said, “Jill, that’s very nice but I’m very happily married.” I was mortified. I am pretty sure John is still laughing about it to this day.

This is a pretty funny example of what can happen when you don’t choose your words wisely. I can go back in time and tell you word for word some of the things that people said to me that, if I’m honest, still sting to this day. I know we can all remember hurtful words spoken to us from years ago. Our words make an impact. Always remember the power you have with your words.

Choose your words wisely.

“The soothing tongue is a tree of life, but a perverse tongue crushes the spirit.” Proverbs 15:4


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