jillandbrianI have been married for 25 years to my college sweetheart, Brian. We have three children, Sidney who is 20 and a sophomore in college, Keaton who is 18 and a freshman in college, and Trenton who is 16 and a sophomore in high school.





jillskidsWe live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Brian is a financial advisor but when I married him he was a youth pastor. I enjoy teaching a Bible study at church.  Currently we are studying the Gospel of John. I love meeting with women and digging deep into the Word of God.  Its awesome to see what God has for us to learn and then apply to our lives.  My goal with the book and the writing of my nudges is to encourage people. I want to point people to Jesus Christ. I want to share the hope that I have in my Savior Jesus Christ to everyone who might happen to read some of my written words. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication – Broadcasting from Anderson University in Indiana. I love radio and have worked at a number of radio stations over the years.

zoeyI love my dog, Zoey.  She is my sweet companion who seems to understand my heart.  I am also a Chicago Bulls fan.  My mom passed away 8 years ago.  The things she taught me about life are too numerous to count.  I have many amazing memories of time spent with my mom but sharing a love for the Bulls and watching games on the phone with her in Illinois and me in Indiana is one of the things I miss the most.

My life is rich and full.  I am truly blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends.  My marriage was touched by the vicious sin of adultery.  Brian, my husband, was remorseful and wanted to save our marriage.  It was by far one of the darkest, ugliest time in my life.  But, God is faithful.  He gave me strength.  He gave me guidance and endurance and ultimately, the power to forgive.